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DIY Honey Sugar Exfoliate For Clear Face!

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Sugar isn’t simply smart for your morning cup of low or tea. Some folks crave for sugar or sweetness however this sweetness also can offer profit to your skin additionally. No No, not by eating! you’ll be able to get the blessing of sugar for your skin just by golf shot it on your face and skin. Honey and sugar are thought-about because of the substitute for sweetness however in your face regime, it is often thought-about because the excellent combination to reinforce your beauty. Yes, If you utilize them as a scrub can exfoliate your skin and provides a glow to your skin. My one in every of the favorite scrub is honey sugar scrub.

Honey has been scientifically recognized for its anti-microbial and wound healing properties and is currently used clinically as a topical treatment for wound infections and skin disease healing. Moreover, a variety of in vitro studies counsel that honey is ready to modulate the skin system. Research has revealed the positive effects of treating acne rosacea with honey. (Source)

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Sharing is caring!

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